What is the Appointments Committee and what do they do?

The SGA Vice President and 4 elected community members appoint over 100 positions throughout an entire year.

The committee is responsible for encouraging students to apply, reviewing applications and holding interviews.

When are the appointments rounds? 

There are two large rounds: One is held in April. One is held in November. If needed, one can be also held in September, October, or December.

The dates of each round will be in the “Rounds Information” tab.

Why do we have the appointments committee? 

Holding an appointed position is a way for students to become more  involved and also strengthen their leadership skills. Therefore, not only does the community benefit from being served by fantastic, capable and qualified students, but the position holders gain some great experiences! The appointments committee ensures that there is a diverse group of students who hold different positions on campus.

How do I get one of the positions? 

All students interested in applying for an appointed position must complete an application and also sign up for an interview time. Students will know when an applications are being accepted via this blog,  email, posters, facebook, word of mouth and SGA announcements.



Major Goals of the Appointments Committee 2012-2013:

  • Institutional memory- All committee members keep and maintain a binder. This will be passed down to their successors.
  • Creating a casual, yet professional setting- The committee has spent a lot of time into trying to make the appointments process accessible and non-intimidating.  We encourage people to be interested. SGA is NOT an exclusive club- WE WELCOME ALL!!
  • Searching for the best and most qualified people.
  • Increasing efficiency and accountability- All appointments representative are responsible for certain committees/ positions. The reps will make certain all position holders follow through on their promises.
  • Hosting Interview Workshops before each appointments round. This way people will have some practice interviewing in front of a five person panel.
  • Increasing visibility- The committee is trying to make itself more kn own on campus as well as increase the number of applicants for positions.