Student Finance Committee

Six positions available. SFC members work closely with and report to the SGA treasurer, and are responsible for handling the budgets of their assigned clubs on campus. They are also the clubs’ main resource for assistance (questions regarding budgetting, reimbursements, forms, etc.) The clubs are split evenly amongst the committee members and as an SFC Rep, one would be responsible for maintaining contact with the clubs, responding to emails from clubs, keeping records of club’s expenses, processing weekly reimbursements/advances, and other necessary tasks. The time commitment for SFC varies throughout the school year; members are expected to dedicate more time at the beginning/end of every semester for budget hearings, however, for the remainder of the school year, students are expected to make a weekly commitment. You do not need prior experience as a club treasurer to apply for this position; all processes will be explained on the job. We look for people who are highly responsible, organized, great attention to details, and a teamplayer.


Requirements: The student MUST stay for the entirety of the year. Open to ALL CLASSES.

Contact: Current SGA Treasurer — Jocelyne Oliveros (