SGA Institutional Memory Committee

Up to SIX positions available. The committee’s primary mission is to preserve the institutional memory of the Self Government Association in a public, easily accessible archive. It will accomplish this in the following ways:

  1.     Putting archived materials into a useful format.
  2.     Reclaiming knowledge and expertise through oral histories.
  3.     Processing ‘exit surveys’ taken from members of the representative council.

In the future, the committee will actively build the public archive in collaboration with the representative council and members of the Self-Government Association.

From Article VI, Section XIII: Subsection A: “The Committee shall be headed by the SGA Archivist and comprised of up to six additional members of the SGA.”

Position Description:

General Committee Member:

Students applying to be general committee members must be current members of the Self-Government Association (i.e. an undergraduate  student matriculated at Bryn Mawr College). Additionally, they should be hardworking, passionate about the committee’s mission, and willing to approach tasks with an open mind. Individuals will be asked to carry out tasks both alone and in collaboration with other committee members or departments. (Ex: Following up with Rhys Carpenter Library staff to receive scanned document files.) Lastly, all committee members should approach problem solving with a positive attitude!

General committee members can expect to spend time updating the SGA Archive (wordpress), assisting in the collection of oral and written histories from members of the SGA, and transcribing historical documents/recordings.

Affinity Group Collaborator:

From the constitution: “At least one member of the committee shall be responsible for collaborating with affinity organizations”

In addition to assisting general committee members in carrying out the committee mission, the Affinity Group Collaborator will:

  1.     Maintain and update a list of contacts for each affinity organization (i.e.: the email of the historian of the organization)
  2.     Share primary documents contained in the archive with associated affinity organization(s).
  3.     Notify affinity organizations when information about them, contained in archived sources, is published on the archive. (i.e.: Historical documents in which the affinity organization is discussed.)
  4.     Notify affinity organizations when new information about them is published on the archive. (i.e.: The most recent meeting minutes of an SGA meeting, in which a group was mentioned.)

Web Specialist:

In addition to assisting general committee members with the committee’s mission, the web specialist…

  1.     Must be familiar with wordpress platform.
  2.     Duties include updating, formatting, and digitally constructing the public archive.
  3.     Familiarity with CSS is desired but not necessary.

In sum: 

6 Total positions open

  • 4 general committee members
  • 1 Affinity Group collaborator
  • 1 web specialist

Eligible to apply: Rising sophomores, rising juniors, and rising seniors.

Time Commitment: Must be able to attend weekly meetings (TBD). Outside of those meetings, expect roughly two hours of work per committee member per week. This time commitment will be consistent year round.

Contact: Head of the SGA Institutional Memory Committee (also known as the Committee on Institutional Memory) — Nora Dell (