Bryn Mawr College Film Series

Film Series Head:

ONE to TWO positions available. The Film Series Head(s) are responsible for planning the Film Series for the year.This includes choosing the films which are shown on campus each weekend, working with Mary Beth Horvath and Student Activities, advertising, and running screenings in conjunction with the Film Committee. The Head holds regular meetings throughout the semester and communicates heavily over email. The Film Series shows 5-7 films each semester on Friday and Saturday nights. The Head is also responsible for communicating with Student Activities and a film distributor to set up film screenings, advertise each week for the screenings, must communicate plans and ideas to committee, be able to delegate responsibilities and willing to step in if something goes awry at the screenings.The Head must be able to plan far in advance as films are chosen through a distributor at the beginning of each semester. A familiarity with Bryn Mawr’s multimedia equipment, as well as a general technical savvy, is helpful but not required.

Requirements: The student must be available for the full academic year. Previous experience on the Film Series Committee is required and the position is open to current sophomores and juniors.

Contacts: Mary Beth Horvath (

Requirements: Students do NOT need to stay for the entirety of the semester, though it is preferred and may be from ALL CLASSES.

Film Series Committee:

Up to FOUR positions available. Committee Members help select films for each semester, facilitate screenings a few weekends each semester, communicate with head and committee members and advertise for the screenings. The Committee members may also post the film fliers around campus and maintain a Facebook group for the Film Series.  Checking and responding to emails over breaks is vital.

ContactsFilm Series Heads — Isabella Nugent ( and Kristal Sotomayor (