Green Ambassadors Co-Heads

Up to TWO positions available. Duties include facilitating communication among the Green Ambassador Dorm Representatives, administration, and the student body to address campus green initiatives such as recycling and energy efficiency. They are also responsible for budgeting, organizing events, holding bi-weekly meetings with the Dorm Representatives, educating Representatives about new green projects, different sustainability plans on campus, and developing new green ideas in the dormitories. Co-heads and the Representatives will take on additional obligations that include alterations/improvements to our recycling system, and collecting special recycling objects from Dorm Representatives (such as: ink cartridges, fluorescent light bulbs, and batteries). Co-heads also keep in frequent communication with Don, Denis, and Jim.

Co-heads must have strong communication abilities, especially via email. The average time commitment would be around 2 hours every week.

Requirements: Must have served as a Green Ambassador Dorm Representative for one semester to apply. Appointees will hold this position for one year. Open to ALL CLASSES.

Contacts: Don Abramowitz (Environmental Safety Officer), Victor Donnay (Head of the Sustainability Leadership Group), Denis Romano (Head of Housekeeping) and James McGaffin (Facilities), GA Co-Heads — Hannah Symonds ( and Shiwei Zhu (