S. TEAM Committee: Science Technology Engineering Advocacy for Mawrtyrs


The purpose of this committee is to collect students representing interests from each STEM major, discuss issues, formulate solutions, and seek to implement changes through the appropriate channels. Positions for this committee will include Co-Heads, Major Representatives, Q Center Liaison(s) and CPD/LILAC Liaison(s).

At the beginning of each quarter, committee appointees will have a “town hall” meeting for each major to bring to light major-specific issues, events, and progress, which will be recorded by the Co-Heads. At the end of each Major Rep Presentation, there will be a few minutes of suggestions regarding starting points as well as questions/comments from other Major Reps and Liaisons. The results of this meeting will be a list of “problem areas” to be resolved and discussed in future Solutions Meetings.

On a weekly or bi-weekly basis, there will be Solutions Meetings that focus on specific problem areas — order determined by Co-Heads — discussing the problem areas in relation to a few majors and brainstorming solutions based on other Reps’/Liaisons’ knowledge and experiences. At the beginning of these meetings, Major Representatives will check in with their progress in solving their own major-specific issues.


2 Co-Heads
Q Center Liaison
Major Representatives – Geology, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science.

Notes: Physics/Engineering can be combined, Biochemistry can be a shared responsibility between Bio and Chem, Co-Heads can also be Liaisons or Major Reps


Co-Heads: Run and facilitate meetings, take attendance, prioritize meeting topics, follow up with Major Representatives and Liaisons to ensure there are multiple topics that can be discussed on a given day, seek new appointees if the need arises.

Q Center Liaison: Coordinate with and survey math and STEM students about their experiences with the Q center, communicate with the Q Center to find out the resources they have and still need, gain an understanding of need areas, follow up with appropriate groups based on meeting proceedings. Ideally, meet with Q Center employees once per week.

CPD/LILAC Liaison: Communicate Major Rep and career development-related issues to LILAC, help formulate solutions, provide insight into inner-workings of CPD/LILAC for other Committee representatives, follow up with all relevant groups based on meeting proceedings. Ideally, meet with LILAC once per week.

Major Representatives: Survey students within major about positive and negative aspects of their experiences, develop an understanding of problem areas, prepare short verbal presentations to advocate for these topics, consult necessary administrators, faculty, staff, committee members, etc about how to implement solutions.

Contact: Head of the S.TEAM — Modupe Olufemi (molufemi@brynmawr.edu)