Bryn Mawr College Concert Series

Bryn Mawr College Concert Series Co-Heads:

Up to TWO positions available. BMCS co-heads are responsible for planning and hosting large scale campus wide concert events. They are also responsible for getting in touch and actively communicating with bands/musicians throughout the concert planning and execution process. Along with the officers, co-heads must coordinate contract signing, PR and publicity, space reservation, researching/maintaining a clear budget, tech set-up, filling out the appropriate paperwork (party forms, etc), and hospitality. They must be very organized, motivated, dedicated, and good at delegating tasks to the officers and the general BMCS body. They must have served as an officer for at least one semester. A weekly meeting is held for the Co-heads, the Officers, and the general body of BMCS. An additional meeting per week is normally required for just the Co-heads. This IS a large time commitment.
Requirements: Students must stay throughout the entire semester and may be from ALL CLASSES.

Contacts: Co-heads will have to work closely with Mary Beth Horvath, Lisa Zernicke, Rose Bochansky, Public Safety (Tom King), and Facilities.

Bryn Mawr Concert Series Officers:

Up to FOUR positions available. The responsibilities of the BMCS officers include frequent correspondence with the other officers and co-heads about upcoming shows, generating ideas for artists, delegating tasks to the BMCS general body, having a say in the final decisions as to who to bring, venue set up (lighting, stage, green-room), and advertisement (poster distribution, new ideas, etc.). The officers must have been a part of the BMCS general body for at least one semester. The officers, co-heads, and general BMCS club meets once a week, and there is also a large time commitment for the days/nights of the concerts.
Requirements: Students do not need to stay for the entirety of the year, though it is preferred, and may be from ALL CLASSES.

Contacts: BMCS Co-Heads — Sydney Maves ( and Mandolyn Reidy (