Plenary Committee

Up to SIX positions available. The plenary committee works to organize and manage successful Plenaries. Members are responsible for informing the community about Plenary (educating the community about what Plenary is and what Plenary has done in the past), designing and ordering Plenary T-shirts, designing and printing Plenary advertisements, contacting different departments including dining services, registrar, access service and the presidents/deans, and doing general publicity for plenary: date, location, and resolutions. The Plenary Committee works closely with the SGA Exec. Board and hosts Plenary writing workshops so that students may be guided in the resolution writing process, helping resolution writers edit resolutions before Plenary takes place. Plenary Committee members will also table in the dining halls before Plenary starts to encourage community members to attend, and will have a post-Plenary community follow-up, including Plenary Surveys. Members will have to interact with a diverse group of students and staff members.

Organization and time-management skills are important in the successful completion of Plenary Committee member responsibilities. This position does not require a large time commitment.
Requirements: Students MUST stay for the entirety of the year and be available to attend both Plenaries. Open to ALL CLASSES.

Contacts: Margaret Gorman (, Heather Griffin (, Kat Phifer (, Sophia Schein (, Naomi Siegel (, Colleen Williamson (, and Xiaoran Yuan (