Apply for Appointed Positions!

Don’t forget to apply for SGA appointed positions! Applications close on April 21st at 12:00am.

Link to the application:

Link to the interview times:

Interviews will take place April 22nd-25th –> look out for an email confirmation with your specific interview time and location.

Questions, comments, concerns, etc? Contact

A list of positions up for re-appointment can be found on this blog and the Facebook event page:

April 2014 Appointments Round!

The applications for the April Round of Appointments will available through Moodle starting 4/14 at 12:00am- 4/21 at 12:00am. Interviews will be scheduled for the week of the 21st. Positions up for re-appointment are:

BMCS Co-Heads: 2 positions

BMCS Officer

Board of Trustees Representatives: 2 positions

Conflict Resolution Committee: 5 positions

Seven Sisters Representative (1 yr.)

Plenary Committee: 3 positions

SGA Webmistress/Master/Mistex: 2 positions

Student Finance Committee: 4 positions

Elections Board: 1 position

Independent Major Representatives: 2 positions

Outreach and Communications Committee: 2 positions

Student Curriculum Committee: 2 positions

Sustainable Food Committee: 2 positions

Health Center Advisory Board: 4 positions

Green Ambassadors Co-heads: 2 positions

Film Series Head

Film Series Committee: 4 positions

Constitution Review Committee: 6 positions

Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to