September 2014 Appointments Round

The following is a list of positions up for re-appointment:

Student Finance Committee: 3 positions

Elections Board: 2 positions

Student Financial Services Advisory Board: 2 positions

Graduate School Representative: 1 position

Orientation Reorganization: 2 positions

Social Committee: 4 positions

Sustainable Food Committee: 3 positions

Hell Week Committee: 4 positions

Board of Trustees Representative: 1 position

Conflict Resolution Committee: 4 positions

BMCS Officer: 4 positions

SGA Webmistress/Master/Mistex: 1 position

Student Curriculum Committee: 1 position

Health Center Advisory Board: 1 position

Constitution Review Committee: 4 positions

Hell Week Community Liaisons: 2 positions

Gender Inclusion Committee: 1 first year position, 1 sophomore position, 1 junior position, 1 senior position, 1 transfer student position, 1 McBride position (positions can overlap)

Applications open on September 15th @ 12:00AM on the SGA Moodle page. There will also be a schedule to sign up for interview times available on Moodle. Information about the various committees and roles can be found on this blog under the Committees & Boards Info Tab. An Appointments Info Session will be held on September 11th @ 7:00PM in Taylor B.