2015 April Appointees

Board of Trustees Reps

Medoza Ameen

Lydia Sanchez

BMCS Co-Heads

Jonetta White

Felix Qiang

BMCS Officers

Miranda Canilang

Ashvika Dhir

Sydney Maves

Ann Lin

Tina Chen

Mandolyn Reidy

Conflict Resolution Committee

Alison Robins

Kit Weber

Emily Ogland

Madison Wilson

Sam Heyrich

Film Series Heads

Elaine Holehan

Kristal Sotomayor

Film Series Committee

Wenjun Wu

Alexandra Mitrovich

Sophia Gehrman

Seven Sisters Reps

Elizabeth Vandenberg

Farah AlYaqout

Emily Spiegel

SGA Webmistress/Master/Mistex

Rachel Xu

Tina Chen

Green Ambassadors Head

Kit Weber


Halle Watkin

Ashley Zhu

Kewei Qu

Noura Jaber

Gemma Johnson

Wenzhi Song

Connie Lam

Student Finance Committee

Julia Kim

Wenjun Wu

Nam Nguyen

Health Center Advisory Board

Ashley Zhu

Plenary Committee

Rina Patel

Campus Greening Rep

Leah Kahler

Sustainable Food Committee

Askvika Dhir


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