September 2016 Appointees

Bryn Mawr Concert Series Officer

Mikal Hayden-Gates

Campus Greening Representative

Jane Rossman

Talia Shiroma

Elections Board

Sophia Bokhari

Haley Wang

Cathy Zhang

Financial Aid Advisory Board

Jessica Breet

Linden Grazier

Class of 2018 Independent Major Representative

Maeve White

Outreach and Communications Committee

Bisma Naqvi

Haley Wang

Plenary Committee

Sophia Schein

Naomi Siegel

SGA Institutional Memory Committee

Haley Wang

SGA Webmistress

Ariella Goldberg

Social Committee

Grace Morris

Bisma Naqvi

Sophia Schein

Cathy Zhang

S.TEAM Committee: Science Technology Engineering Advocacy for Mawrtyrs

Jessica Breet

Student Finance Committee

Maria Minaya

Sustainable Food Committee

Talia Shiroma

Lille van der Zanden

Traditions Committee

Phoebe Dopulos

Beatrice Greeson

Cassandra Paul

Caroline Randive

Lynn Wu

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