AC is accepting applications!

Don’t forget to submit your application for the following positions:

Sustainable Food Committee: 5 positions available

Student Curriculum Committee: 3 positions available

Junior Independent Major Representative: 1 position available.

You must apply through blackboard by clicking on the SGA link under the “community” tab.Position Descriptions are available on the blog (yay! for visiting and on blackboard :))

Detailed instructions should be layed out for you there.

However, if you DO have any questions, feel free to contact

April Appointments Survey Results

Difficult to Find out that the AC was accepting applications?
yes    1
no    26

Most people heard of these positions through:
1. emails
2. friends
3. SGA

Where would you like to be interviewed?
Most people had no preference for their interview space.    10
Campus Center    7
Taylor    5
Haffner- DVR    5
***Interviews are not held in Thomas or Taylor because these are the least accessible buildings
***Interviews are not held in Carpenter because there is no cellular reception in the classrooms
Do you know what the AC does?
yes    19
no    3
write in: “sort of”    5
Words to describe SGA:
student, government, association
doesn’t,  represent, me
self-efficient,  dependent, good at promoting
important, useful,  not transparent
humdrum, organized
invisible, mysterious, strange
a student run, exclusive, unity
people, democracy, poorly attended
forward thinking, involved, interested/concerned about BMC life
Sunday, Night, Fun
efficient, effective, awesome
involved, effective, fun
beneficial, accessible, important
involved, friendly, responsible
community, agreement, beneficial
self, government, association
sexy,helpful, organized
Sunday nights, details, organized
integral, supportive, organized
cool, calm, collected
important, independent, organized

April Appointments End!

After 14+ hours of interviewing…..the April round of Appointments has ended!

Plenary: Katherine Bakke, Irene Shin

Recycling Committee Co-heads: Emily Reuman, Tapashi Narine

Financial Aid Advisory Board: Trang Hoang-Le, Ruilin Xu

Election’s Board: Mairin O’Conner, Hao Jiang, Ning Pei

Alternative Concert Series Head: Katherine Grant

Alternative Concert Series Committee:

Sarah Cooper

Julia Sakamoto

Jacinda Tran

Ntshadi Mofokeng

Yashaswini Singh

Film Series Co-head: Sadie Marlow, Jennifer Bonczar

Film Series Committee:

Kimberley DeRosa

Rachael Wilson

Kelsy Grimes

Maddy Court

Fatima Quadri

Caroline Long

Landscaping Representatives: Stephanie Kim, Lydia Bello

Student Curriculum Committee:

Madhavika Bajiori

Sharan Mehta


Student Finance Committee:

Gabby Marangell

Praise Agu

Anagha Kumar

Ruilin Xu

Tina Hu

Sowmya Srinivasan