Coming soon….A New Appointments Committee!

This may be one of the last entries posted by yours truly… sad.

However, on a very exciting note, ELECTIONS ARE COMING, ELECTIONS ARE COMING!

Candidate’s Forum is on Tuesday, February 1st (8:30).Please come to the campus center and hear about the ideas/plans of the  candidates running for exec board and appointments committee!!

The last round of appointments hosted by AC 10-11 ends this week: One Computer Access Co-Coordinator Position.


Yong Jung

Newly Appointed!

Hi Bryn Mawr.

Meet the new Customs Committee and Customs Committee Coheads!

It was a difficult decision, we had so many great applicants. Thank you all to those who applied.

Heads: Sarah Moser and Hannah Roos

Committee: Devanshi Vaid, Mairin O’connor, Jennifer Jiang, Sarah Jordan, Julia Stuart and Kersti Francis

Also, the AC appointed a computer access co-coordinator as well as a representative for the Seven Sister’s Council!

Computer Access Coordinator: Jen Rajchel

Representative for the Seven Sisters Council: Mary Margaret Peebles

Results for the Concert Series coming soon! 🙂

Happy finals week everyone!!

Concert Series open for reappointment!

Concert Series Co-heads: Two positions available. Responsible for planning and executing concerts and actively communicating with the bands and musicians. Co-heads need to work with agents, school administrators, and student groups to successfully organize concerts. Along with the officers, Co-heads must coordinate contract signing, PR, space reservation, budging, tech set-up, and hospitality. They must be very organized, motivated, dedicated, and good at delegating. They must be an effective leader in keeping in touch with the officers and other members. They must have served as an officer for at least one semester. This is a large time commitment.

Contacts: Coheads will have to work closely with Marybeth, Lisa Zernicke, Rose Bochansky, the SGA VP and the SGA Treasurer.

Concert Series Committee: Three officer positions available for appointment (three others elected): Committee members are responsible with handling a certain aspect of each show, weather it be PR, tech, logistics, or budgeting. Together the committee helps the Co-heads in coordinating all the information necessary to organize a show. Officers must be reliable and flexible. They have to work closely with the co-heads, the rest of the committee, school administrators, and other student groups. Officers will be crucial in coordinating projects with the general members. Officers must have served as at least a general member for a semester.



Positions available:

Customs Co-heads- 2

Customs Committee- 6

Junior Representatives to Admissions-2

Computer Access Co-coordinators-2

Representative to Seven Sisters Council-1

Bryn Mawr Concert Series Coheads- 2

Bryn Mawr Concert Series Committee- 3

Juniors who are CURRENTLY abroad can apply.

And applicants may apply together for co-held positions.

More information can be found on the ‘positions’ tab and blackboard!

Just Appointed!

Senior Representatives to Admissions as well as Access Services Co-Coordinators have been appointed!

Senior Representatives to Admissions

Didem Uca

Sarah Sherman

Access Services Co-Coordinators

Tasnim Aziz

Jessica Hyejin Lee

These are some great students. The A.C. is very excited!


The A.C. has opened another round of appointments. YAY

Positions available include:

  • Customs Committee
  • Customs Committee Co-heads
  • Junior Representatives to Admissions
  • Computer Access Co-Coordinators
  • Representatives to the Seven Sisters Council.

Position Descriptions can be found on the “descriptions” tab.

Please apply through the blackboard website.

And as always, if you have any questions please contact

New position created for appointment!

A plenary resolution (Fall 2010) addressed the need for student representatives who would serve as Computer Acess co-coordinators.

Thus, these students will be appointed in November (IT WILL BE A BIG ROUND SO GET EXCITED!) November will be another chance for many students to have the chance to be involved!

Also, just as a reference, here is the link to see the full minutes from the fall plenary.

September Appointments have ended!

After 7 hours of interviews and an incredible number of applications, the appointments committee has  made their decisions.

Positions filled:

Sustainable Food Committee- 5 members and 1 head

Head: Larken Wright Kennedy


Haley Martin

Yani Robinson

Mowie Freeman

Karen Leithner

Daniele Arad-Neeman

Junior Independent Major Representative- 1

Alliana Propst

Student Curriculum Committee- 3 members

Haley Martin

Alice Fischer

Aya Martin Seaver