Concert Series open for reappointment!

Concert Series Co-heads: Two positions available. Responsible for planning and executing concerts and actively communicating with the bands and musicians. Co-heads need to work with agents, school administrators, and student groups to successfully organize concerts. Along with the officers, Co-heads must coordinate contract signing, PR, space reservation, budging, tech set-up, and hospitality. They must be very organized, motivated, dedicated, and good at delegating. They must be an effective leader in keeping in touch with the officers and other members. They must have served as an officer for at least one semester. This is a large time commitment.

Contacts: Coheads will have to work closely with Marybeth, Lisa Zernicke, Rose Bochansky, the SGA VP and the SGA Treasurer.

Concert Series Committee: Three officer positions available for appointment (three others elected): Committee members are responsible with handling a certain aspect of each show, weather it be PR, tech, logistics, or budgeting. Together the committee helps the Co-heads in coordinating all the information necessary to organize a show. Officers must be reliable and flexible. They have to work closely with the co-heads, the rest of the committee, school administrators, and other student groups. Officers will be crucial in coordinating projects with the general members. Officers must have served as at least a general member for a semester.