Belated Congratulations! April Appointments Round

Apologies for posting so late! Special thanks to the Appointments Committee for working hard in April to read through all the applications and sit in on interviews. See below for the list of newly appointed students and their positions:

BMCS Co-heads: Amanda Guo, Jonetta White

Board of Trustees Representative: Miriam Ahmed

Conflict Resolution Committee: Charlie Bruce, Cesiah Novoa, Jonetta White

Seven Sisters Representative: Heidi Gay

Plenary Committee: Falastin Issa, Yuewei Wang

SGA Webmistress/Master/Mistex: Christina Tse

Student Finance Committee: Lipika Ramaswamy, Abigail Hoyt, Lingpei Zhou, Leqi Liu

Elections Board: Makeda Warde

Independent Major Representatives: Brenna Levitin, Marisa Arellano

Outreach and Communications Committee: Christina Tse, Serena Dunlap

Student Curriculum Committee: Cesiah Novoa

Sustainable Food Committee: Marie Edland, Carissa Yao

Health Center Advisory Board: Emma Tunstall, Christina Tse, Yanira Santos, Rachel Shields

Green Ambassadors Co-heads: Delaney Williams, Lara Fields

Film Series Head: Rae Hamilton

Film Series Committee: Hannah Rifkin, Kristal Sotomayor, Elaine Holehan, Yuewei Wang

Constitution Review Committee: Brenna Levitin, Madelaine Dubin, Leqi Liu

Be sure to check back in the future for information regarding the September Appointments Round!

Apply for Appointed Positions!

Don’t forget to apply for SGA appointed positions! Applications close on April 21st at 12:00am.

Link to the application:

Link to the interview times:

Interviews will take place April 22nd-25th –> look out for an email confirmation with your specific interview time and location.

Questions, comments, concerns, etc? Contact

A list of positions up for re-appointment can be found on this blog and the Facebook event page:

April 2014 Appointments Round!

The applications for the April Round of Appointments will available through Moodle starting 4/14 at 12:00am- 4/21 at 12:00am. Interviews will be scheduled for the week of the 21st. Positions up for re-appointment are:

BMCS Co-Heads: 2 positions

BMCS Officer

Board of Trustees Representatives: 2 positions

Conflict Resolution Committee: 5 positions

Seven Sisters Representative (1 yr.)

Plenary Committee: 3 positions

SGA Webmistress/Master/Mistex: 2 positions

Student Finance Committee: 4 positions

Elections Board: 1 position

Independent Major Representatives: 2 positions

Outreach and Communications Committee: 2 positions

Student Curriculum Committee: 2 positions

Sustainable Food Committee: 2 positions

Health Center Advisory Board: 4 positions

Green Ambassadors Co-heads: 2 positions

Film Series Head

Film Series Committee: 4 positions

Constitution Review Committee: 6 positions

Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to

November Round Approaches!

The positions up for re-appointment are as follows:

Access Services Representative
Customs Committee
Customs Committee Co-Heads
Plenary Committee
Orientation Reorganization
Hell Week Committee
Constitution Review Committee
Campus Greening Representative

Applications will be open: November 4-17. Interviews will be held during the week of November 18.

Applications and Interview Sign-ups will be found on the SGA Moodle Page, under Organizations in the left column.


September Round Approaches!

The positions up for re-appointment are as follows:

Applications will be open: September 16-29. Interviews will be held during the weeks of September 30 and October 7.

Applications and Interview Sign-ups will be found on the SGA Moodle Page.


April Round of Appointments!

The positions up for re-appointment are as follows:

Applications will be open April 1-12. Interviews will be held the week of April 15 and 29.

Applications and Interview Sign-ups are currently on the SGA Moodle Page.