New Appointed Committees!

The April Appointments Round is officially over!

After 17 hours of interviews, and 63 applicants, the appointments committee has made our final decisions.

Here is the final list of the newly appointed Committees and Boards:

BMCS co-heads:
-Kate Grant
-Lauren Bochicchio

BMCS Officers:
-Gabrielle Logaglio
-Vanessa Ide
-Julia Sakamoto

Plenary Committee:
-Irene Shin
-Natalie Kato
-Natalie Zamora
-Rachel Shen

SGA Webmistress:
-Natalie Kato

Student Finance Committee:
-Sowmya srinivasan
-Samantha Rim
-Gabby Marangell
-Praise Agu
-Amy Chen
-Yolanda Shao

Landscaping Reps:
-Lydia Bello
-Stephanie Kim

Elections Board:
-Sarah Theobald
-Hannah Roos
-Jean Yu

Student Curriculum Committee:
-Sue Yee Chen
-Tara chatterjee
-Ning Pei

Health Center Advisory Board:

-Kristina Sandquist

-Saba Qadir

-Hannah Ryles

-Tsion Adefres

-Rebecca Sheplock

Financial Aid Advisory Board:

-Kate Ciarlante

-Erika Nunez

-Lise Wagnac

Recycling Committee Co-head:

-Stephanie Tse

-There will be another appointments round for the second co-head position in the fall, so tell all your friends

Film Series Head:

-Kimberly DeRosa

Film Series Committee:

-Mine Serizawa

-Meghna Singh

-Mercedes Munn

-Kelsey Grimes

-Samone Rowe

-Nina Zipkin