The elections for a New SGA Vice President and a new Appointments Committee are going on now!

Attend candidates forum!

Candidates’ Forum is Wednesday, February 1 at 8PM in Thomas 110.

Meet the candidates for:

• President
• Vice-President
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Honor Board Head
• Elections Head
• Appointments Committee (4)
• Class of 2013 President(s) through May

There will be snacks!




Also remember to vote on Monday, February 6th and Tuesday, February 7th

November Round Decisions

The November Round of Appointments is Over!

Customs Committee co-heads:

Kersti Francis and Sarah Jordan

Customs Committee:

Vrinda Varia

Karen Leitner

Archana Kaku

Evan Rivers

Emma Rosenblum

Kellie Meyer

Access Services Representative:

Cynthia Columbus

The computer access co-coordinator position and the Admissions representative position have been abolished.

November Appointments Round!

The November round of appointments has begun!

The following committee’s and boards are open for appointment:

Computer access co-coordinator

Customs Committee

Customs Committee Co-Heads

Grad School representatives

Recycling Committee Co-Head

Admissions Representatives

Access Services Representatives


Applications are due Wednesday, November 23rd at 5pm.

More information can be found on the Bryn Mawr Self Governance Blackboard site

October Appointments Round!

The October Round of Appointments has begun!

The committee’s that are open for appointment are:
Go-Board Moderators -4 positions
Conflict Management Committee-5 positions
Social Committee-5 positions
Hell Week Committee-5 positions
Independent Major Representative-1 position
Recycling Committee Co-Head-1 position
Board of Trustees Representative-1position

Applications and interview sign ups are due this Friday, October 28th at 5pm
To apply, check out the Bryn Mawr Self Governance Link on Blackboard
For more information about the positions, please see the SGA blackboard site and the blog at appointments.blogs.brynmawr.edu

If you have any questions, please contact the appointments committee at appointments@brynmawr.edu

September Appointments Round Results!

Here are the results for the September Round of Appointments:

Student Curriculum Committee:

Madison Rosen, 2015

Judy Chen, 2015

Carmen Lai, 2015

Sustainable Food Committee Head: Daniele Arad-Neeman

Sustainable Food Committee:

Avery Martin, 2012

Nora Schmidt, 2012

Jasmine Arnold, 2012

Karen Leitner, 2014

Johannah CordonHill, 2014

Livi Huval, 2015


Coming up in October… Go-Board Moderators, Independent Major Rep, and Recycling Committee Co-head!

September Appointments Round Has Begun!!

The September round of appointments has officially begun!

The appointments committee will be accepting applications until Friday, September 23rd.


Here are the positions available:

Sustainable Food Committee- 4 committee positions, 1 head position

Go Board Moderators- 3-4 positions available

Student Curriculum Committee- 3 positions available

Independent Major Rep- 1 position available

Recycling committee co-head- 1 position available

To apply, please check out the Bryn Mawr self governance tab on Blackboard.

New Appointed Committees!

The April Appointments Round is officially over!

After 17 hours of interviews, and 63 applicants, the appointments committee has made our final decisions.

Here is the final list of the newly appointed Committees and Boards:

BMCS co-heads:
-Kate Grant
-Lauren Bochicchio

BMCS Officers:
-Gabrielle Logaglio
-Vanessa Ide
-Julia Sakamoto

Plenary Committee:
-Irene Shin
-Natalie Kato
-Natalie Zamora
-Rachel Shen

SGA Webmistress:
-Natalie Kato

Student Finance Committee:
-Sowmya srinivasan
-Samantha Rim
-Gabby Marangell
-Praise Agu
-Amy Chen
-Yolanda Shao

Landscaping Reps:
-Lydia Bello
-Stephanie Kim

Elections Board:
-Sarah Theobald
-Hannah Roos
-Jean Yu

Student Curriculum Committee:
-Sue Yee Chen
-Tara chatterjee
-Ning Pei

Health Center Advisory Board:

-Kristina Sandquist

-Saba Qadir

-Hannah Ryles

-Tsion Adefres

-Rebecca Sheplock

Financial Aid Advisory Board:

-Kate Ciarlante

-Erika Nunez

-Lise Wagnac

Recycling Committee Co-head:

-Stephanie Tse

-There will be another appointments round for the second co-head position in the fall, so tell all your friends

Film Series Head:

-Kimberly DeRosa

Film Series Committee:

-Mine Serizawa

-Meghna Singh

-Mercedes Munn

-Kelsey Grimes

-Samone Rowe

-Nina Zipkin

April Appointments Round Has Begun!!

For the next two weeks the appointments committee will be accepting applications for a variety of appointed positions. The following are the committees and boards which we will be appointing:

-BMCS Co-heads and Officers
-Landscaping Representatives
-Film Series Heads and Committee
-Student Finance Committee
-Financial Aid Advisory Board
-Health Center Advisory Board
-Elections Board
-Recycling Committee Co-heads
-Plenary Committee
-SGA Webmistress
-Student Curriculum Committee

Information about the available positions and the application can be found at the Bryn Mawr Self Government Association section of blackboard. If you have any questions, feel free to contact appointments@brynmawr.edu.

The application deadline is Friday, April 8th at 5pm.

New Vice President and AC!

We have a new Appointments Committee for this year!

So far there is:

Tyler Garber 2014

Caroline Kenward 2012

Rebecca Sanders 2012, Vice President

Elections are coming up, so please run for the appointments committee! It’s super fun i promise!