Newly Appointed Positions

Hell Week Committee

-Ali Raeber

-Sila Ogidi

Aine Sheehan

-Sarah Loshusan

-Pamudu Tennakoon

Student Finance Committee

-Nicole SooHoo

-Trang Hoang-Le

-Sookyoung Oh

Sustainable Food Committee

Anne Claire

-Hannah Weinstein

-Linh Tong

-Kirsten Adams

Campus Greening Rep

-Linh Tong

Seven Sisters Rep

-Caylyn Perry

-Sarah J. Shaw

Board of Trustees Rep

-Alexis De La Rosa

Social Committee

Jennifer Park

-Lauren Mandelbaum

 –Marisa Rafsky

Grad School Rep

-Ana Cordova

Conflict Management Committee

Molly Fessler

 -Jenny Kwon

-Ambrosia Johnson

-Sarah Loshusan

Outreach and Communications Committee

Jennifer Mendez

Marisa Rafsky

Orientation Reorganization Committee

Aine Sheehan