Decisions are in

Congratulations to the newly appointed committees and reps.

Customs Committee Co-heads:

Evan Rivers and Emma Rosenblum

Customs Committee:

Syona Arora

Amanda Beardall

Hayley Burke

Sophia Dauria 

Alisha Pandit 

Pamudu Tenakoon

Independent Major Rep:

Mirella Deocadiz

Access Services Rep:

Caitlin Homstad 


Applications are available on Moodle. The deadline for submitting applications is the following Sunday, November 11th.

Interviews will take place from Monday, November 12th until Tuesday, November 20th. Decisions will be emailed after deliberation on Tuesday, November 20th.

Available positions are subject to change.

Access Services Representative

Orientation Reorganization Committee (1 position)

Computer Access Coordinator

Financial Aid Advisory Board

Independent Major Representative 

Customs Committee and Co-heads

Newly Appointed Positions

Hell Week Committee

-Ali Raeber

-Sila Ogidi

Aine Sheehan

-Sarah Loshusan

-Pamudu Tennakoon

Student Finance Committee

-Nicole SooHoo

-Trang Hoang-Le

-Sookyoung Oh

Sustainable Food Committee

Anne Claire

-Hannah Weinstein

-Linh Tong

-Kirsten Adams

Campus Greening Rep

-Linh Tong

Seven Sisters Rep

-Caylyn Perry

-Sarah J. Shaw

Board of Trustees Rep

-Alexis De La Rosa

Social Committee

Jennifer Park

-Lauren Mandelbaum

¬†–Marisa Rafsky

Grad School Rep

-Ana Cordova

Conflict Management Committee

Molly Fessler

 -Jenny Kwon

-Ambrosia Johnson

-Sarah Loshusan

Outreach and Communications Committee

Jennifer Mendez

Marisa Rafsky

Orientation Reorganization Committee

Aine Sheehan




Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Bryn Mawr. While settling in to classes and setting up club meetings, remember that the Appointments Committee will be announcing a September Appointments round this Sunday at our first SGA meeting. There are many positions up for appointment, so make sure that you apply for one. An appointed position is a great way to ease your way into being an active member in SGA. With that being said, good luck with applying and happy first week of classes.

The Appointments Committee

Updates for Fall 2012 Semester

Hello everyone,

I hope the summer is treating you well. Here are a few updates about appointments for the fall semester.

Information about when the September and November rounds will take place is available under the “Rounds Information” tab. There you will find each round and a link to the available positions for the round.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at


The Appointments Committee


Decisions have been made.

BMCS co-heads:
Vanessa Ide and Julia Sakamoto

BMCS Officers:
Jacinda Tran

Zoe Colman

Hannah Tucker

Ava Cotlowitz

Plenary Committee:
Natalie Zamora

Syona Arora

Nora Scheland

Eunhae Lee

SGA Webmistress:
Natalie Kato

Amanda Guadalupe

Student Finance Committee:
Amy Chen

Lipika Ramaswamy

Andrea Parra

Landscaping Reps:
No Applicants

Elections Board:
Nkechi Ampah

Michelle Lee

Stephanie Clarke

Pamudu Tennakoon

Student Curriculum Committee:
Rebekah Adams

Muna Agaalnemer

Kristie Oh

Health Center Advisory Board:

Kristina Sandquist

Saba Qadir

Mary Miller

Deborah Centeio

Shireen Saxena

Financial Aid Advisory Board:

Meheret Shumet

Recycling Committee Co-heads:

Alisha Park and Johanna Gauthier

Film Series Head:

Kimberly DeRosa

Film Series Committee:

Samone Rowe

Stephanie Bredbenner

Quinn Conlan

Nora Scheland